Run toward happiness

May 12, 2015, In: Life

Happiness is a virtue that everyone desires, but scarce are the people who can call themselves happy. Every time you perform a herculean task that requires tremendous effort and causes an incredible amount of physical discomfort, your body follows the above mentioned neurochemical response at the molecular level to mask the pain and aid your goal of succeeding in the task that you are performing. This pleasure that branches from pain is what is called runner’s high.

Runner’s high is a term that stems from the feeling of the one’s head clearing when they run beyond what they are comfortable with. It is the body’s way of getting you to do thing that you don’t think you are capable of, it enables you to keep on going and cease the day.

The neurochemistry of happiness can be attributed to the secretion of certain hormones and endorphins, thus, causing a sensation of pleasure and happiness. manik2

Research at the University of Cambridge has shown that about 73% of test subjects who ran regularly and overloaded themselves progressively were happier than the control group. It was observed that the levels of their cortisol (stress hormone) secretion were far more inhibited than their counterparts. So, not only were these test subjects in better physical shape than the control group, they were also in every sense of the word, happier.

Cliché’s are clichés for a reason, the age old saying no pain, no gain holds more water than one might imagine. The basic mechanism of physical progression is that the body intends to save every iota of energy that it can. Thus, every time you subject yourself to a higher degree of physical work, the body prepares itself such that the next time the same amount of physical work is performed a lesser expenditure of energy is required. Thus, with every run, you keep getting stronger, faster and happier.

So, run your heart out every chance you get. Run away all your stress, run towards happiness. manik1