Why celebs stood by the bad boy of Bollywood ?

May 12, 2015, In: News

May 6 saw a Bollywood script running live on media as the universal Bhai  Salman Khan faced the Sessions Court verdict.

The 2002 hit and run case left one dead and four injured allegedly as drunk actor’s SUV lost control and rammed into a footpath.

Thirteen years on, amongst many delays and strings of evidences, the Court held Salman guilty sentencing him five years imprisonment. Apparently the actor broke down in the court room as media captured his brother Sohail Khan teary-eyed leaving the court premises.


Social media that was showing solidarity with the super star the night prior to judgement broke into sympathy. Right from his current co-star Sonakshi Sinha to Kapoors, everyone stood by the Dabangg actor. Proven guilty of driving rashly under the influence of alcohol, why are Bollywood celebs standing by Salman?

For once, everyone who has ever interacted with Bhai swears by his generosity and humbleness. The Salman supporters give example of his treating Arpita on part with his real sister Alvira. Arpita who was picked up from the road as an abandoned child is much loved Salman’s sister who recently had a dream wedding. As media thronged the courts and police got ready to put Salman behind the bar, it was this very Arpita who along with a lawyer sought interim bail from Bombay High Court.

Amongst celebs that thronged Salman’s home during this whole phase include Aamir Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Kapoor sisters – Karishma and Kareena and Shah Rukh Khan. His supporters wish, the court shows leniency in punishing the actor for a) it was not deliberate b) take into consideration the charity work he has been doing C)250 crore plus money that riding on him. Yet others take Salman’s decision to stay solo till he is absolved of the charges as peg of what a fine gentleman and well meaning guy he is!

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