Pine Hill Eco Camp

May 14, 2015, In: Uncategorized

This summer sure is about relaxing, how about if while rejuvenating your frayed nerves, you also unearth a hidden quality in you or two?

Pine Hill Eco Camp, in village Chewa, little ahead of town Brog in Himachal Pradesh makes for an interesting  option if you have two or three days in hand and plenty of unbridled energy to more about nature, survival and YOURSELF ! Pine-Hills-Eco-Camp_111578_image

As you leave the main road and climb up the pristine pine forest you can hear the sound of the wind…the very sight and smell of the jungle is sure to leave you spellbound but then there is way more in the store.

Pretty workable tents are going to be the abode as two spirited ex-army officers – Major General Harwant Krishan and Brig Tumpy Nagra take on the command with their team on this meaningful journey.

If trekking is one, there are scores of other activities to test your potential. Ever tried walking over the Burma Bridge? Just two ropes on the side and another for you to walk on? Well, trust me the moment you climb on under the expert eye, and take that first step on rope walking you are on a fearless journey for rest of your life. There is more – Jane jump, crossing hurdles, zipping, rappelling and local food to fill the famished you after the unconventional workout.


Nights are special for nature comes alive with the clear stars, the moon and umpteenth sounds of the wind, water and jungle lore. Sitting around the fireplace and sharing spooky stories late in night is what you can do too. Team building exercises, walking on glass – yes, you can do it – the Camp sure offers to bring out the hidden side of you.

We highly recommend, making this life altering trip along with your family, friends or co-workers and it sure will lead you to know and appreciate self and others around you more.

Where: Village Chewa, Barog, Himachal Pradesh

How Much: Approximately about Rs 2000 a night

How to get there: Pick up available from Chandigarh Airport, Railway Station or you can enjoy the drive up the hills 

High Five

a) Go zipping ala George in the Jungle

b) Try hands at rappelling ala Tom Cruise in Grand Canyon

c) Unwind in the pure nature

d) Know your fears and learn to face them

e) Spend a night in rather comfortable tent