Play the moments, Pause the memories

May 28, 2015, In: Music

The sailors sailed, 


The players played.

Separated by distance so long,

United by a single song!

Music has always been the fantasy of people of different likes and dislikes. The fascination all started when people in ancient times began looking for past times which would be cost-less and at the same time priceless. Music stood as a dam between the words, uniting the efficacies of both. People began drawing lines between ‘sounds’ and ‘noises’ such as birds chirping, bees humming, rivers flowing and called them ‘music’. Thus, music gained the enormous description of something which soothes mind, body and soul. Even today, when music has traced its journey from a larva to a beautiful butterfly, it is regarded as a medium to enchant audiences, to mesmerise people and to captivate soul. The evolution of music has given several different forms, ranging from the calm instrumental melodies to the energy filled rock. Each form has its own composers and followers. Popularity rules their relationship. In this era of progress, where music stands apart as a profession, as a past time and as an addiction, ignorance to music in unimaginable.

The traveller stopped for shelter, Found help with a beggar.

The food was replaced by parody, The wine was replaced by melody.”