The reluctant politician – Kirron Kher

July 14, 2015, In: Uncategorized

Ten things you didn’t know about actor Parliamentarian Kirron Kher

The quintessential ‘Mummy ji’ of Bollywood is getting into the character of the new role that life has chosen for her — to represent the city she spent her college years in — Chandigarh. The Member Parliament is spending time increasingly in City Beautiful and trying to make it better. Here’re some of the things she shared in a recent interview that she gave to her husband Anupam Kher in a hall packed with politicians and administrators:

1. A straight forward woman hard she tries to follow the dictate given to her by her senior party colleagues of answering every request as, ‘Ji koshish karengen’’; but even when she is doing that she can’t refrain from giving her piece of mind in three – four sentences.


2. Anupam Kher describes her life of the Holi parties thrown by Bachchans. Her arrival would be met with huge applause as she would steal limelight with her Pallu latke, gori ka pallu latke Alas! No more, her new role as a politician bans her from dancing in public.


3. Even at sixty, she has her child-like innocence intact. She calls a spade a spade and wonders how people around appreciate the youth for being ‘honest and straight forward’ and despise the same quality in her that she has carried on from her youthful days.

4. She got only few hours to decide if she would be contesting for elections from Chandigarh and even before she could take a call, she and her husband saw this ticker running on news channels that Kirron is the candidate fielded by BJP


5. She is an emotional person. In the little time she got for canvassing she would get so tired and upset at different people demanding different things from her that she would break down in her car.

6. The main intention for her to take up the challenge in rather dirty politics was to win one more seat for ‘Modi Ji’ whom she totally adores and trusts to lead our country to better times.

7. The only assignment she is currently doing is India’s Got Talent that she loves for it gives her chance to connect to rural youth.

8. The most she misses about Mumbai is her being around her son Sikander.

9. In her growing up years in Chandigarh, she would attend house parties with her easyapotheke24 friends in the afternoon, for night outs were a no no. So they would put music right in the day and have fun.

10. She is a terrible singer. Anupam and Sikander would often request her to sing and fall laughing off the couch at her far from perfect attempt.