Where is Honey Singh ? Jasbir Jassi refutes the rehab story on his Facebook page

August 25, 2015, In: News, Reads

Where is Honey Singh ? …is the question that Yo Yo fans have grappled with ever since he went missing from public eye last year. On Tuesday morning, Honey Singh trended on social media as a national daily ran the story ‘I met Honey Singh in a rehab: Jassi’. The said story gave rise to speculations that put Honey Singh in rehab in Chandigarh as people of City Beautiful wondered how come they missed their ‘star’ in their own city. Though the issue remained debatable for there were stories of the famous rapper, who has Bollwood A-listers like Sonakshi Sinha for her fans, is battling throat cancer. The meteoric rise and fall of the singing sensation has made to tabloids often and though his fans stick to their guns the rapper is as famous as infamous for glorifying booze and objectifying women.

The Chaar botal Vodka, Desi Kalakar, Sunny Sunny and Lungi Dance sensation remains conspicuous by his absence. Here’s what Jasbir Jassi posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon rubbishing the newspaper story:
Hello. I am referring here to the Hindustan Times article. According to this article I met Honey Singh in a rehab. I need to clarify here that I NEVER MET HONEY SINGH IN REHAB. Further to this I also want to add that I have nothing personal against him, infact I admire his music and am fan of his beats. Only issue I ever had was with some of his songs with obscene lyrics and glorifying alcohol/drugs.

Well, hope Honey Singh is on the road to recovery, and we wish he strikes back on the music scene in pink of health. We miss the rather cheeky, churlish Honey declaring on a famous chat to get a Grammy home…