Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi): Is it really about a brother-sister bonding anymore?

August 27, 2015, In: News

So, all along, you thought Rakhi is one festival that where women have an edge over the men. Not only the brother promises to protect sister but also buys her gifts! Really? Here listen to this god man presenting an alternative view of the festival. So, do all festivals only establish patriarchy? Decide for yourself…

This tradition too is seeped in the stereotype — boys are stronger, women weaker; and the power balance must be maintained.  While earlier the Princess’ tied Rakhi to mighty rulers so as to get protection for their state, the festival is reduced to a farce with what sweets and what kind of Rakhi the sister caries – yes, there are options aplenty – right from resham to silver, gold and diamond encrusted ones! What’s she gets in return is of equal significance. This is not even a fair exchange but who can extract what.

Pretty a dismal picture of what life used to be. Even a little while ago before commercialization seeped in every space of life, Rakhi meant married girls returning home to spend some time with her parents. The whole family became part of the gala atmosphere, mehandi was put (it is said to have cooling affect one body and don’t you need it this hot, humid northern India?) Traditional food that suited the season was prepared and families sat together to enjoy some carefree time.

Not anymore. With women entering workspace, tempers run his in very morning as brothers wait for sister to drop by on way to office or vise versa. With an angry boss’ yelling in mind as one fastens the tying and give and take process, the spirit is lost.

If only, one could turn back the clock… the very spirit of share and care reigns over petty material gains, and a brother and sister could sit and talk not on facetime or skype but really hold hands and share joys and sorrows of life would this festival strengthen the brother-sister bond !

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