August 28, 2015, In: Creative Interiors, Spiritual
Renu Khanna

Are you low energy and want to be enthusiastic? See what magic can happen by changing colors in the interiors of your room…and believe me it’s Vedic and scientific. According to Vedas, there are seven energy points in every human body called Chakras and each chakra is associated with a particular color and emotion.

At Chakra soul comes in contact with human body.  Major seven chakras are located in the ascending order, as shown in the illustration.
Each of these chakras has a color associated with it by virtue of its vibrations through the brain-wave. There are other types of radiations on even shorter wavelengths which cannot be seen by the human eye, for example radio or TV waves, X-rays, remote and other such colors and sound waves, ultraviolet rays which are present in their natural form in the atmosphere.

Below are discussed these seven Chakras starting from coccyx:

1. The root Chakras at the gonads is associated with red color, corresponds to one’s energy and motivation. By use of red color the low feeling converts to enthusiasm.

2. The navel Chakra corresponds to courage, confidence and vibrates to the color of orange. With the negative emotions which can block this centre are feelings of materialism, pomposity, cruelty and sluggishness and sexually obsessed. By using color orange converts to creativity.

3. The solar plexus Chakra, corresponding to one’s career and profession, vibrates to yellow and is seriously affected by great jealousy and get       unblocked by use of yellow color. It converts to joy and generosity.

4. This Chakra near the heart must be kept free of hate, possessiveness, insecurity, envy, vibrates to pink and green colors, and is the centre of one’s relationships. Love and hate are the two sides of the same coin.

5. The throat Chakra at the thyroid gland level often gets blocked by depression, feelings of isolation, inability to communicate and accept changes. It is the centre of one’s communication, unhampered by negativity – vibrates to blue color. By color blue gratitude increases and brings grace.

6. The Chakras at brow is blocked in most of the modern people by their day to day actions, attitudes and thoughts of fear, retaining grudges and maintaining an unforgiving attitude towards others leaning towards the materialistic world and away from natural life. In the Vedic period, it was the other way. People had a leaning towards spiritual world and lived a very simple and natural life. This Chakra vibrates to indigo and is the seat of intuition.

7. The crown Chakra vibrates to violet and is the seat of enlightenment bliss, if one succeeds in pushing away arrogance, conceit and hunger for power and control.

Experiment in room interiors have proved that the moment you add color red in the interiors, person living there becomes more enthusiastic, motivated and energetic.  A child who was least interested in studies, and had no plans for his future, suddenly became motivated and became the star attraction of his city.

If we keep on regular practice to keep our chakras UNBLOCKED, a deep understanding of humanity and peace in the entire universe is ours. Incongruous by one’s own actions, as the colors are only the result of one’s mental and physical activities, a human makes its own beautiful AURA.