Radhe Maa theme parties trend

September 1, 2015, In: News, Reads

What makes Radhe Maa trend ? The self styled god woman seem to be sailing through safe through controversies

Radhe Maa and Sheena Bora seem to be only two stories that have withstood the test of time and refuse to die down. Now if latest is to be believed, Radhe Maa could become one of the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.

The controversy regarding a dowry harassment case that brought her to public eye  seems to have added fanfare to her cult status, and masses only too happy to know the juicy details of her ‘satsungs’. One of her former follower and relatively known face has claimed how she not only let her follower hold and kiss her but would organize sex parties too. The said follower has claimed to have suffered an emotional breakdown post events where she went in hope of getting blessings to have a child of her own.


The Sukhvinder Kaur of from village Dorangala, Gurdaspur, Punjab where she stitched clothes for an earning, sure has come a long way as Radhe Maa with her ‘bhagats’ in all walks of life and she happily settled in Mumbai in one of the rich and famous follower’s home.

The trivia around her equally interesting. Always dressed in red, Radhe Maa whose dresses cost as high as 500,000 Rs is said to never repeat her outfit. The generous self styled god woman is said to donate her costly dresses among her followers.

With God men getting defamed increasingly for their ‘non’ spiritual practices, she is first god woman to gain such notoriety in such short span of time.

If rumors are to be believed, there could be Guru Ram Rahim to give her company in Bigg Boss’ house. Viewers surely would love to see the two in action!

In the meantime, Radhe Maa theme parties trend on social networks; women dressed in red, long tikka on forehead with trishul in hand ala Radhe Maa style !