Dream House

July 24, 2017, In: Creative Interiors

A woman’s home is her mirror”.

When it came to designing her own house , the architect wanted to realize her dream of always wanting a house by the water.


The location of the plot brought her a step closer to achieving her dream . The 1000 square yard  site at the mansa devi complex , is not far off  from the civilization and not too close either and offers the best of both worlds. It captures a front view of the kasauli hills.


Water being the integral element of all her designs, it is no surprise that her own house revolves around a capacious swimming pool. The entrance is via a ramp, besides which lies  a beautifully manicured garden , peppered with water fountain and birdhouses. A winding entrance drive leads to the cross ventilated central lounge, which is a perfect blend of landscaping , sunlight and water. Free flowing spaces create an uplifting aura when one moves suddenly from a normal ceiling room to a monumental ceiling above the pool with light coming from the top skylight and a big glass wall at the front.

The exhilarating sound of the cascading waterfall  in the pool area is addictive and acts as a stress buster space for the visitors. Walking past the serpentine walls, towering glass windows  and the interluding spaces one reaches the steel staircase that seamlessly connects the ground to the first floor. The first floor opens up into another lounge area which leads  to the bedrooms.

The bedrooms on the first floors capture the beauty of the mountains  and the serenity of the pool area . Another captivating feature of the house is the terraced garden on the first floor. It consists of an outer sitting space with a curved roof  on top which accentuates the elevation of the house.

In order to maintain the charm of the surroundings, all rooms be it the drawing room , dining room or the bedrooms  have floor to ceiling windows. They offer unobstructed view of the ravishing outdoors  and the calming indoors. It is like watching the world through a glass door.

The big corner windows help capitalize the view and make the hills an indispensable part of the house. The residence is an amalgamation of all these five elements which collaborate to create an astounding form of architecture.


Each room is built around a certain theme mainly earth , water and air.Entrance hall walls are covered with subtle beige creating a muted prelude to the verdant exuberance of a living room.

Entrance hall walls are covered with subtle beige creating a muted prelude to the verdant exuberance of a living room.


The dining area is covered with startling red and the furniture is customized in accordance with the Chinese theme selected for the space.

While the master bedroom follows the theme of water , the colour on the walls is serene blue. Encompassing the calmness of the pool from the big glass windows  and the serene interiors , the master bedroom is worth the price of a sea facing room in a five star hotel. Her elder son’s room is designed with the theme of air. The use of the colour blue symbolises the lightness of air.

Red has been used in younger son’s room which is based on he theme of earth. Since it is based on the earth theme , the bedroom opens into an expansive terrace garden and makes one feel closer to nature.


The central water body is articulated in a way that it not just acts as one of the strongest spatial elements of residence, but also helps improve the microclimate of the house.


Roof  gardens and internal courtyards used are also extremely effective solutions for fostering the building’s passive climate control. The terraced garden at the rooftop towards the front with a contemporary Rajasthani Jharokha to regulate the winds for the outdoor dining space.


 High performance glass used in the windows  helps reduce the room temperature as compared to the outside temperature.