July 28, 2017, In: Travel

There are two things absolutely necessary for happiness -Travel and nature. We discover, fall in love with new places, culture and people.  Travelling into nature is a whole, another story with overwhelming sense of absolute freedom as it challenges one fears and insecurities.

Life can be clouded by repetitive technologies based activities. As one takes a trip he dives into nature it allows one to recharge in best way possible.  It gives us a chance to recreate and finally take time to leave everything else behind.

The journey was a sudden plan made by my cousin and me. Our first stop was at the City Beautiful Chandigarh where we decided to halt and book.  We took a road trip to  McLeod Ganj.It is easy to fall prey to the scenic beauty of Himachal and Kangra valley and Tibetan charm amazing sights of rivers and bridges.   Finally after a 40 minutes drive, we were fresh and happy to reach Bhagsu Nag Temple. After which\ we reached our lodging.

The next morning as we woke up with a beautiful view outside green mountains covered with dense clouds, trees & chilly breeze. The day passed by the souvenir shop selling Tibetan handcrafts and jewellery. We decided to visit Dalai Lama Monastery (H. H. Dalai Lama Main Temple). The weather was lovely as the clouds were just moving through and it was mesmerizing. It was time to nurture oneself by embracing the beauty of nature. We started to walk for about 2 kms, had a glimpse of water fall, walked down the falls, crystal clear cold water.

We sat on the stones in water and enjoyed the pristine beauty around with a sense of relief and calmness had come over us being so close to nature. We started our trek to Triund the next morning with our new friend whom we met in café last night she was from Canada was eager to join us for the trek to Triund.

The trek was initially tiring we walked and talked. We trekked up consistently with sticks it become more easier. Our Canadian friend was so active and fast she climbed up alone moved on. My cousin and me were so happy to grab all those beautiful sights and did a great collection of nature photographs. As I am a photography lover we stayed at a place watching with landscapes where she had crossed us but me wanted to relax and feel the energy that place was offering us.  Our mind was filled with immense excitement garnished with a bit of fear.

The trek was not easy though but we reached at about 1:30 noon. The place was so beautiful, its presence could not be defined. As I am a true soul of nature. Surprisingly, all our tiredness had vanished and peace and happiness had overruled our mind.  The time passed by the marvelous sight from the edge of the hill with scrumptious view of hills and chilled breeze. Being climbed, me didn’t miss out on climbing every possible rock for best shots. It was a memorable part.

We halted near the café to gear ourselves with Maggie, lemon ginger honey tea which was delicious. We both were busy with our camera capturing the breath taking view of the foggy valley. We met new people explored their culture.

Trekked back with the exquisite view of sense lush green trees with mist of clouds. It was a complete paradise. We reached our lodging in the afternoon, rested the whole night under the stars as next day had to enroute to Dehradun.


This trip to Himachal rejuvenated me and my soul, it was an amazing paradise of nature.