In the information age, you need not micromanage, just leave it to the apps… 

Steve Jobs began a new era of productivity when he gave us the iPhones, iPads, and iMacs. He did not feed the supply side, but made the world realize that there had to be demand for what he had to offer. And the rest is history.

Now, there are literally millions of apps in the App Store, and Google Play. And we now know how crippled we would feel without our smartphones. For those of us running business or having high performance jobs, this need is even more crippling.

In this article, we have composed a list of 8 free mobile apps that can benefit your small business.

The app list 

Google Drive: This new app from the tech giant Google allows the users to effortlessly harbor and manage files on several different file formats on an array of devices and runs on multiple platforms. It can be accessed from your mobile phones, tablet computers, and of course PC. It allows cloud storage of 5 Gb, and a virtual web interface.


Evernote: Evernote allows you to store and use any and all information about you and your activities that you may deem necessary. It can store text messages, notes, contacts, emails, pictures, videos, voice notes, all the while enabling your small business to run smoothly by permitting you to remember everything.


FormMobi:FormMobi can defined as a virtual clipboard, this can be attributed to the fact that it permits its users to store large amounts of data, distribute it as and when necessary (on multiple platforms), and use cutting edge CAD-like work products of sketches. Recording voice messages, collection of signatures, creation of images are some of its many features.


Basecamp: Basecamp is an online app best suited for the relatively complicated and complex scenarios in which the small business owners may often find themselves. It works by actively disintegrating a large task into small manageable chunk sized milestones for you, and you team. It creates a dashboard that intimates you about the minutiae of the projects.


TripIt:TripIt is a logistical operations’ optimization app. What this means is that it works with multiple schedules in varying geospatial location (the multiple one where you might have to go for your small business’ expansion), and creates and optimized work plan with the best possible allocation of resources and your valuable time.


Bump:Bump has singlehandedly revolutionized the manner in which business contacts used to be shared. No more do you have to have business cards printed, nor have to carry hem in those little aluminum dapper cases. With Bump, you can instantaneously bump your contact information with anyone.


LocalVox:LocalVox is a new marketing app which permits the up and coming small business to reach their target consumer groups and clientele via a publishing mechanism that covers social networking websites, online channels on YouTube and other media share portals, podcasts, contact directories of the region, databases that may be purchased by the pusblishers et cetera.


Expensify: With Expensify you can say bye-bye to the erstwhile formal method of submitting receipts and bills from your business trips. Expensify allows its users to manage there expense’s accounts with great ease. You may simply upload your receipts, bills, and expenditures online via the app for you employer to consider, and see no more paperwork.